FinestraMiner Model E (EU868)

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FinestraMiner is a CE-certified, high performance, best-in-class LongFi™ hotspot for the Helium Network. Designed by Mimic in California, wrapped in a sleek, wall- and window-mountable case that you just have to plug into the wall, FinestraMiner not only delivers on form, but on function as well. Thanks to its high-performance processor and resource-optimized operating system, it delivers near non-stop mining for continuous and optimal HNT returns.


  • Processing Unit: Raspberry Pi 4
  • RAM: 4GB or 8GB
  • LoRa® Frequency band support: EU868
  • Network Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Device Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Based on LoRa Concentrator Engine: Semtech® SX1302
  • Security: ECC608 Crypto Cell Authentication
  • Antenna: RP-SMA Female Connector - 2.6 dBI