Introducing: FinestraMiner (E)

FinestraMiner (E) is the long-awaited European version of Mimiq's high-performance, best-in-class LongFi™ hotspot for the Helium Network. It mounts seamlessly on your wall or window for enhanced coverage and optimal performance.

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Processing Unit

Raspberry Pi 4


4GB or 8GB

LoRa® Frequency band support


Network Connectivity

Wi-Fi, Ethernet

Device Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.0

Based on LoRa Concentrator Engine

Semtech® SX1302


ECC608 Crypto Cell Authentication


RP-SMA Female Connector - 2.6 dBI

In the box

1 x FinestraMiner
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Antenna
1 x Power Cable Extender
3 x Wallet Security Keywords Cards
1 x Pen

Easy setup

Download the official Helium App to set up your Helium account and wallet. After the initial FinestraMiner boot process has finished, you can connect to it using your phone by pressing "Add Hotspot" and choosing "FinestaMiner".

Google Playstore
Google Playstore